Top 10 Shopify International Ecommerce Platform Alternatives

Looking for international ecommerce platforms similar to Shopify Plus? Here are some of the best alternatives reviewed!

Top 10 Shopify International Ecommerce Platform Alternatives

While we can’t deny the fact that ecommerce solution Shopify is one of the best platforms for going globally, there can exist some reasons for which you want to explore and compare other options.

We’ve done the hard work, we’ve analyzed, and compared top Shopify alternatives for you to consider.

International Ecommerce Platforms: Best Solutions Reviewed

Here are, top 10 Shopify international ecommerce platform alternatives, with a brief review:

#1. BigCommerce:

This platform is known as an industry leader with a set of impressive features and tools. The rich-feature list is what makes BigCommerce a Shopify alternative that is definitely worthy of your attention and consideration. If BigCommerce does one thing better, it is online customer service. The support includes tutorials, online forums, videos, knowledge base, and more.

#2. Volusion:

With ecommerce plans, prices, and lots of features to match the needs of modern shoppers, Volusion is one of the top Shopify alternatives. You can find some impressive templates and responsive themes that can help you build the online store of your dreams.

#3. SquareSpace:

Even though SquareSpace is not limiting itself as an ecommerce platform for traditional businesses, this ecommerce solution provides incredible features for various types of businesses and professionals including musicians, artists, bloggers, and more.

#4. LemonStand:

LemonStand users have built stores that won awards, startups that received accolades, and businesses that generated over $400.000 in pre-sales, created new business models, and more. With the combination of automation, flexibility, and set of features, this platform is certainly a good alternative to Shopify.

International ecommerce platforms

#5. 3d Cart:

Equipped with standard features, drop shipping support, affiliate marketing program, and etc. this is just another worthy substitute for Shopify and Shopify Plus.

#6. BigCartel:

This ecommerce platform offers not only the usual ecommerce features but they also offer free ecommerce plans if you sell less than 5 items. If you are planning to sell or if you don’t sell over 300 items, this can be an excellent Shopify alternative for you.

#7. CoreCommerce:

With an impressive number of third-party application and service integrations, CoreCommerce is another serious Shopify alternative. This ecommerce platform is not considered to be among the cheapest solutions, however, it is definitely worth checking out.

#8. WooCommerce:

If you are using WordPress as a basic platform for building your store, WooCommerce might be a good option for you. This plugin provides regular ecommerce features (free of charge).

#9. PrestaShop

A feature-rich platform that offers you two options – you can either use their web hosted service or select the self-hosted solution. Even though their ads may cost you more money, the platform usage is totally free. We must say it is a viable alternative to Shopify.

#10. Magento

Although Magento is an open-source ecommerce solution and not a fully-hosted platform, it is still a viable Shopify alternative to keep in mind. Magento Enterprise is one of Shopify’s biggest competitors and comes with impressive features, tools, and plugins that can help you improve your site performance.


Time to Make Your Final Choice

Shopify is by far the best and most popular international ecommerce platform and the best choice when going globally. There is no other platform that allows merchants to sell worldwide without any risk or complications. But, if you are eager to discover alternatives to Shopify and you are ready to try new ecommerce solutions, consider the 10 options we’ve discussed above. What do you think of these ecommerce platforms? Are you ready to make a final choice?